Famous Slot Game Cheaters 

Famous Slot Game Cheaters . As much as we love the casino world and fully understand that if everyone cheated it simply wouldn’t exist, we do love a good cheating story simply for the genius and pure audacity that goes into pulling it off. In the same way that bank robbers interest us all. Famous casino cheaters are some of the most heinous yet intelligent criminals in the world. 

So how do they do it? Well, we’ve heard cases of the engineers who built the slots rigging. The machines to their own advantages, punters using fake coins. Shaved coins or even magnets. It’s also still happening today in the world of videoslot games. With hackers becoming more profound and starting a sort of arms race between themselves and cyber-defence teams. But anyway, without further ado, let us take a look. At some of the most historically famous slot game cheaters of all time. 

The Most Notorious Slot Game Cheaters 

Perhaps the most famous slot game cheater of all time is Tommy Glen Carmichael. A television repairman by nature, Tommy found his way into rigging. Slot machines after realising he had a real dab hand when it came to intricate work with machinery. In fact, Tommy and his team rigged slot machines All-Slots-Casino around Las Vegas for nearly four decades for being caught. Stealing millions of dollars in the process, which is a testament to his skills for evading getting caught. It wasn’t until security camera technology improved to the point at which it could see Tommy and his guys tampering with the machines that the courts were able to prosecute him which led to his incarceration in 1996. It’s bittersweet to enjoy this story, but we have to admit, it is pretty cool… 

Another classic crook is Ronald Dale Harris. What’s sneaky in this story is that he was in fact the Las Vegas Gambling Commissioner when his crimes took place. As Ronald knew all the source codes for the machines, he was able to pass them onto his team who then went on to rig all of the slots and steal millions of dollars over a period of quite a few years. Very sly… 

Is Cheating Still Possible These Days? 

In recent years, we’ve seen a few slot riggings but much less frequently. As technology increases, as does security, and therefore cheating becomes a lot more difficult. That being said, it does happen! We’ve heard stories of internet hackers stealing thousands from online casinos, and it’s tricky to catch them such is the anonymity of the internet. A whole new world indeed. 

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Summary of Slot Game Cheaters 

Of course, we don’t condone criminality by any stretch. But, in the olden days there were some cool stories of people stealing vast amounts of money from slots that we are naturally intrigued by…

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