Video Slot Games vs Classic Slot Machines: Differences

Ah the faithful Classic Slot Machines, still a staple in most pubs and bars across the UK. Probably what most people think of when you talk about simple one off bets and a bit of harmless play. However, their numbers have diminished significantly in the last decade, disappearing from cafes and arcades, and a lot of that has to do with the increasing popularity of online casinos – play Enchanted Prince.

The more accessible, easier to manage and with more potential counterparts. Moving classic slots to online and with the introduction of video slots.  Involving a massive list of games to choose from and bigger rewards on offer. People have flocked towards this new system of play. But what exactly is the difference between them? And ultimately, which is better? 

The Differences Classic Slot Machines

Below we have composed a table of the key differences between these two types of games:

PAYLINE OPTIONS     They offer a number of payline options.    Normally only offer one payline over three reels.
BONUSES     They offer loads of bonuses and generally bigger than that of classic slots.     Were never built to include bonuses

    Only a few will include them though, however, they are very basic.

AVAILABLE GAMES     There is a constant influx of new games

    Game developers releasing games Ducky-Luck month usually.

    It has been quite some time since a new game was released.
SPEED OF PLAY     Are much quicker to play, you do not have to keep reinserting money to be able to spin.     They have a slow speed of play. Inserting a coin or note every time you want to spin.
DISRUPTIONS     Playing is very smooth play, no interruptions at all. Easy to just keep playing.     Manual betting means a uneven betting experience.
JACKPOTS     Generally have larger jackpots and more often.     They include jackpots, but not as big as video slots.
PAYOUTS     Some video slots have high payouts and low payouts

    The player needs to research the slots and make a decision themselves

    Classic slots have high payouts and low payouts

     Needs to research the slots and make a decision themselves

Weighing them Up

Classic slots seem to appear more and more as a thing of the past. Where there used to be rows and rows filled by excited gamers, now most have taken to gaming. On their favourite online casino instead. Video slots make the most sense for the casinos, and for the consumers. As you can see from the table above, it does seem that the benefits of video slots outweigh those of classic slot machines.

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They offer more new and exciting features and the graphics are vastly more enticing. However, classic slots do still exist as a number of people get a nostalgic rush from using them. So whether they completely disappear in the future is unknown. Despite this, for now, video slots are the present most popular game and they are here to stay.

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