Welcome Offers to Avoid on Slot Sites 

Welcome bonuses are amongst the most popular type of bonus for online slots like Gold Rush slots at Slots UK. Many players choose to go for this type of deal to double their funds, or receive a generous fixed amount of cash to play with. Although there is a saying “All that glitters is not gold”. This is true when it comes to welcome offers on slots sites. In this article we will present to you examples of welcome offers to avoid and all the reasons why. 

High wagering requirements 

It naturally goes that the bigger the welcome bonus you get, the higher the wagering requirements will be. You should avoid offers that employ wagering requirements above x50, as these are simply not worth your time or your money. 

Game eligibility 

Some welcome offers will only be legible to use on certain slots, outlined in the terms and conditions for the offer. The most exciting thing about slots is the vast multitudes of games available to players today. An average player will want to choose their own game, one that suits their style, is entertaining, has good features and suitable parameters. Offers that limit you to a certain game should be avoided because you are simply buying a pig in a poke! 

Max withdrawal 

Welcome offers that have a winnings withdraw “ceiling” should be avoided like the plague. These type of offers will subject you to wagering requirements (like most do) and then limit you again by retaining an amount of your winnings. A common max withdrawal on these types of offers is £50 – £70 after the wagering requirements are completed. What could be worse than hitting the jackpot and being able to retain pocket money from it? You should always avoid welcome offers with a maximum withdrawal limit. 

Low Weekly Withdrawal Limits 

Some casinos will offer very attractive welcome bonuses with a lot of credit and low wagering requirements. That would seem like an ideal chance to win big but if you read the fine print (or sometimes the terms and conditions top to bottom to find it) you will see that there is a weekly, daily or monthly withdrawal limit. This type of welcome offer will ensure that your winnings stay with the casino for a long period of time. This can be detrimental and will often result not in your favour. Imagine hitting the golden jackpot and knowing it will take you 1 year to fully cash it in. That’s a big no from us!

What offers to go for? 

Now that you know what to avoid, you will be able to choose a brilliant offer. Remember to look for clarity in the offer, freedom within the offer and conditions that suit you personally the most. Keep the game exciting! And don’t forget to gamble responsibly.

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