Please be very careful people.

I just made my first deposit .I got the welcome bonus. In chat while doing this and before making my first deposit. In the chat the lady said that I would get free spins in promotion and that 100% plus she would add a additional $10 so I made my deposit. When I went to go play there was no added bonus or no $10 added. I seen a sign says I have freeplay so when I went to play the games shown and set my bet it would not let me play keeps saying “action failed” It did it on every game available on freeplay. Then I took my initial deposit with nothing added and tried to play another game it played fine and took my initial deposit. This has never happened to me and I feel really dooped and played here. Please be very careful people. I made many deposits but never had this happen. A day of good fun brought me here and I am not pleased at all.

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