Inefficient customer service

After threatening a chargeback to my credit card of all the deposits I made on this site, I finally received my winnings after 34 DAYS. This is not a site where you can have fun because it’s simply not fun to be tangle up with their slow and inefficient customer service and false promises. I mean, seriously, 34 DAYS to get your winnings!!! I will never play on again. You have been warned.

Very bad service

Very bad service I can say.. I deposited money 10 hours ago using smart EFT and it hasn’t reflected in my account.. When I ask for help nobody responds… Emails they only say we will look into it but nothing so far.. Live chat I was attended by one guy who asked me to produce a bank statement to show that funds are deducted from my account.. Yet in the transaction history it shows that I’ve made a deposit and the money is still pending…. Their service is so bad and they are not willing to help… I’m new and I’m already frustrated.

I self excluded for 6 months

I self excluded for 6 months. My account was due to open on 17Nov, but now I’m told I have to wait for 31days cooling off period, cooling off from what?. This was never communicated when I took a break. I find its a way of blocking people from playing.

Typical scammers

Typical scammers. Casino always win. But if not, they always can ask you for verification and later ban your account with no reason.


This apparent company are thieves! I opened an account, made a deposit and immediately they block my account demanding documents for verification. I have sent such documents 3 TIMES!! They continually send an email telling me to send the same documents!!?? Basically they have stolen my money and there’s nothing I can do……DO NOT JOIN THIS COMPANY!

Stay clear they take your money

Stay clear they take your money ! I won £500 pound of off 50 free spins and when I tired to cash out they email saying that it’s capped and I’m only allowed £80 !

Please don't play this site

Very very worst site, they locked my site without reason, please don’t play this site.

Never won anything

Never won anything worst site I have ever played on

Its time to move on

They dont control the games but they do get a percentage of the take. Use to hang out on this site but truly believe its time to move on

Absolutely garbage!

They’re still telling me I cannot withdraw my money. I wouldn’t recommend this site to my worst enemy. I have wasted months of my life trying to withdraw from this site l. Absolutely garbage! Never again.

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